Owned and operated by Mike Nolden, The Badger Company takes pride in their exceptional reputation and the assurance that your project will be done right. We are located in Waunakee, Wisconsin and have been in business, since 1998, specializing in roofing and siding solutions for commercial and residential markets.


I was born and raised in Sheboygan, Wisconsin and grew up being exposed to the roofing industry all of my life. My three uncles and four cousins are roofers, some owning their own business and others working for roofing companies. When I was twelve, I started spending my summers working with them doing ground clean up. As the years passed, I eventually moved from ground clean up to carrying shingles up to the roof, to eventually working on the roof doing tear-off and shingling.

Having grown up in the roofing industry, I naturally found myself working for a flat roof commercial company alongside my uncle. As I gained more experience, I wanted to learn even more, which led me to take on side jobs during the weekends with my uncle. In time, we got so busy with the side jobs that we decided to venture out on our own. In addition to landing our own jobs, we also started to work as subcontractors, thus broadening our customer base even more.

While honing my craft and expanding my business, I met another roofing owner who specialized in the hailstorm restoration business. I was intrigued by what he shared with me and began to travel across the country subcontracting for several large national roofing companies that specialized in hail restoration. It was during this time that I met Mike, during the 2011 Waunakee hailstorm.


I have spent my entire life living in southern Wisconsin. Growing up I had always enjoyed working, from milking dairy cows at the age of 12 to working part time at the Sauk Prairie Harley Davidson, where I watched a business grow from a 4-6 man shop to what it has become today, all because of 1 mans vision.

This inspired me to find my passion, which I found while roofing for a local roofing company at the age of 17. I continued to install roofs for several years and needed another challenge, this is when I decided to learn everything I could about exterior siding.

In 1998 a coworker at the time and I started a roofing company with 2 trucks and a ladder. In 2005 my partner had passed away, I continued The Badger Company with dedication and hard work. In 2011 Waunakee and Middleton had a hailstorm this was when I met Josh Shaw.