Why add insulation to your attic?

Attic insulation can settle over time. Cellulose insulation can settle as much as 20% after installation. Once the insulation settles, you lose your R-Value and the efficiency of the insulation. Foot traffic from past contractors, or homeowners can also cause the insulation to compact and lose its R-Value. Heat loss from compacted insulation can greatly increase your energy loss. This can cause ice damming in the winter, increased heating and cooling cost, and possible shingle failure on your roof.

You can rely on our expertise in attic Ventilation and Insulation when you contact The Badger Company.
We can offer:

  • Inspection for Pest, Roof leaks, and any structural issues.
  • Removal of old insulation as needed.

  • Full inspection of the Attic, air intake, and roof exhaust vents.
  • Ensure all bathroom fans are hooked up and vented in insulated flex hose.

  • Air sealing of penetrations in the attic.
  • Loose fill insulation blown-in over existing insulation.

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How big of project is adding insulation to your attic?

Most attics can be insulated in 1 day or less. Our process includes a detailed cleaning of the area around the attic hatch to ensure no debris left behind.

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