Emergency Storm Damage Repair


Hail damage on the exterior of your home may not always be easy to spot, especially if you’re not a trained specialist. If a hailstorm has hit in your area, your exterior may have been damaged even if you are not able to spot it at first-glance. Identifying hail damage, especially damage that is not severe but still warrants restoration, can be extremely difficult to spot at the ground-level and if not done by a trained specialist.

The professionals at The Badger Company Inc. can help you navigate the insurance claims process. We are dedicated to making the insurance claim process as easy and efficient as possible for our customers. We work directly with your insurance company, on your behalf, to: (1) ensure that all hail damage to your home’s exterior is identified and (2) negotiate all necessary restoration work.

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  • Accessible representatives, even after your exterior project has been completed.
  • Reliable reputation – beware of “Storm Chasers” and scammers, located in other areas and states.


  1. Contact The Badger Company Inc. at 608-850-6282 immediately if a hailstorm has hit your area or submit a request above and one our team members will call you ASAP.
  2. A professional from The Badger Company Inc. will complete a hail damage assessment on your home within 48 hours.
  3. The Badger Company Inc.’s dedicated professional will schedule a walk-through with your insurance agent (virtually with no person to person contact) to review the damage and provide an estimate for the work required.
  4. Once we have negotiated a settlement with your insurance company for the hail damage, your insurance company will send you the first check for the restoration work. When you receive this check, you will provide it to The Badger Company Inc., so we can begin the restoration work on your home.
  5. When the restoration work on your home is completed, we will provide you with a final invoice to provide to your insurance company. Your insurance company will send you a check, made payable to you and The Badger Company Inc., for the remaining balance of our invoice. Once you provide us with the second check, we will close out your account.

We specialize in working with property management groups and property owners in large-loss insurance claims to ensure that their investments are protected through quality exterior products and workmanship backed by a fair settlement. The Badger Company works extensively with teams of engineers and public adjusters to ensure you get a fair insurance settlement. We represent our customers during the claims process to ensure they receive a fair settlement. We are committed to excellence in every respect, from educating our customers in the claims and restoration process to provide the best warranty in the industry on our products and workmanship.

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